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281 weeks agoPaul Clark
You can now find/invite your contacts from Google Mail, YMail and an uploaded contacts CSV file. Give it a go, and invite your contacts to join Musterfy.
292 weeks agoPaul Clark
New iPlayer widget and now status updates that can be posted to facebook and many twitter accounts at the same time. Also, incorporating a link shrinker too.
295 weeks agoPaul Clark
The new facebook widget is live. I believe it works.
295 weeks agoPaul Clark
Various fixes done. Attaching others' blocks and new header widgets completed.
306 weeks agoPaul Clark
I have just moved this site to a UK host. Seems to run much quicker.
308 weeks agoPaul Clark
I have fixed the Google search. It is now incorporated into the block.
309 weeks agoPaul Clark
Have made some updates that should allow your page to load far quicker.
312 weeks agoPaul Clark
You can now delete conversations in the messages page.
312 weeks agoPaul Clark
Itchy Beard is online, and awaiting Authors.
314 weeks agoPaul Clark
You should now be asked if you wish to follow the Startup Wizard
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